Oxhey Wood Primary: International School Award accreditation

We are delighted to report that Oxhey Wood Primary has been accredited with the British Council’s International School Award from 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2022.  The assessor’s comments included:

“Overall this is a great example of the collaboration between schools over 1000 miles apart. All the required elements are in the application with some really interesting and relevant activities spread across all classes and the whole academic year. There is an informative introduction and referencing to the SEF and the MAT [multi academy trust].

The assessor particularly liked the project engagement with Heritage England and its special award, the first he has seen in several years of scrutinising International School Award applications…

The first seven very varied international dimension activities are collaborative with a school in Tenerife, with excellent evidence in places e.g. ‘I know they have some lessons the same as us’; ‘We have playing fields but they have a huge sports hall’; ‘I am so excited because me and my Spanish penfriend are both Harry Potter fans and we both support football teams!’; ‘I liked emailing my penfriend because it makes me want to learn more Spanish – I can go to Spain and I know what to say!’ Several included Spanish language activity e.g. at the Spanish breakfast “Children asked what they would like to buy in Spanish and the guests were encouraged to use the target language in response”.

The impact of a visit by 15 children to Tenerife has clearly been great. ..Congratulations to all involved in this excellent example of international education in action! “

Thanks to Jessica Lawson at Oxhey Wood and the lead staff at Bromet Primary and the other two Watford schools involved in the project.

This is a great achievement and our thanks go to the all staff and pupils who contributed to this.

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