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Our Ethos

Celebrating and rewarding success together across the Trust

We are an inclusive Trust and value diversity. All types of schools are welcome to join our Trust and all children are welcome to learn in our Trust. We aspire to zero exclusions.

We believe in collaboration, working flexibly to adapt to changing circumstances and working together for the good of the children educated across the wider Trust to provide consistent high value for money services.

“Collaboration and partnership across the schools work well”

Trust headteachers

We are a learning organisation, we all learn from each other and we are stronger together. People are our most important resource and we invest in their learning and professional development. Being a constantly learning organisation, we grow and develop talents within our entire workforce and have established a strong performance culture with clear accountabilities.

We employ and support the development of highly skilled professionals. Therefore decision making is delegated as much as possible and we respect the contributions that every member of the Trust community can bring. We value upward mentoring and facilitate peer to peer learning. We believe in proportionate intervention; intervention by the Trust Board will be proportionate to each academy’s performance.

Our wider community is part of our Trust and plays an important part in every child’s learning and future success in contributing as a local, national and global citizen. We work closely with parents, families, employers and community groups to enrich lives, encourage entrepreneurial thinking with integrity, be technologically current and improve outcomes and social mobility.

Working together and learning together we will succeed together and celebrate that learning and success.

“Freedom can be quite lonely and in this Trust we are not left on our own”

Trust headteacher

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