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Maximising Academy Freedoms

As the employer of staff within our academies we take full advantage of the freedoms available. We are committed to providing flexible career opportunities and staff benefits that attract the highest quality teachers and leaders to work and share their expertise in our academies and across the Trust.  We grow our own talent through a comprehensive programme of teacher and leadership development.

We maximise the use of resources to enable deeper and wider learning opportunities and to invest in and encourage technological advancements to benefit and accelerate the learning of every member of our community; dispelling myths that learning only takes place on 190 days per year within the limits of the school day.

“We have autonomy to meet the differing needs of children in each school”

Trust headteacher

Our academies have the freedom to develop the detailed delivery of their curriculum and align it to their own context whilst working within our Trust wide agreed frameworks.

“Headteachers are not ‘done to’, we can make decisions. I wouldn’t necessarily believe it if I was told, but now I am in the Trust I can see it working”

Trust headteacher

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