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Our Vision and Aim

Our vision is to be one of the highest performing and constantly improving Trusts in the country with capacity and capability to support others for the benefit of all children.

We aim to achieve our vision by bringing together a range of unique schools, each with their own ethos, strengths and areas for development to work together, learn together and succeed together in achieving the very best outcomes for every single child in every single academy.

Work together, learn together, succeed together

The Agora Learning Partnership aims to be a cutting edge multi academy trust, at the forefront of educational thinking, employing experienced and effective staff with vision and an appetite for innovation that can maximise learning and transform children’s lives.

As the employer of all staff across the Trust, we want to drive improvement further and faster and to also improve the efficiency of our academies through shared resource and collective procurement.  Our drive will be to ensure every academy in our Trust is judged as good or outstanding and provides a well-planned, broad and balanced curriculum that equips all pupils with the confidence, ambition and team working skills to succeed in later life.

The Trust’s Members and Trustees are accountable for the educational outcomes of every child in every academy in the Trust, and the overall combined success of the Trust, including its financial viability, sustainability and integrity.  We work to ensure that our Trust’s sense of responsibility and accountability for every child’s success permeates through all our academies, every department, every Academy Governing Board (AGB) and every member of staff.

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