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In 2016 the Herts for Learning Multi Academy Trust (HfL MAT) was established by the Trust’s sponsor, Herts for Learning Ltd (HfL Ltd), in response to requests from Hertfordshire schools to set up a multi academy trust for the area.  In 2016 and early 2017 Trustees and the interim executive team worked with interested schools to shape the Trust and to develop its values, vision and scheme of delegation.

The Trust received approval to be a sponsor on 21st December 2016. The first group of schools joined us in September 2017, and the second in January 2018. All of these schools elected to convert to academy status with the Trust and all are financially stable and working to ensure they are good or outstanding

In the summer of 2019, HfL Ltd and the HfL MAT explored options for the long term relationship between the two organisations.

Since 2017 the MAT had become fully established so both parties agreed that it no longer needed the support of a sponsor and that it would be beneficial to the MAT’s future growth and development for the two organisations to operate separately. HfL therefore ceased to be a member and sponsor of the HfL MAT and the two organisations are no longer related parties.

HfL Ltd’s services continue to be available to the Trust’s schools and may be procured by the Trust as appropriate and in line with best value and ESFA guidelines.

From the date of separation in September 2019, the Trust has been known as the Agora Learning Partnership and its registered office is now The Orchard Primary School, Gammons Lane, Watford, WD24 5JW.


The Agora Learning Partnership is inclusive; it is open to primary, secondary and special schools which will mainly be converter academies (plus a smaller number of sponsored academies) within an hour’s travelling distance. We do not intend to turn schools away that are not yet good or have financial pressures, but in order to manage growth in a sustainable way, our growth strategy aims for at least 80% of our academies being good or better at any one time and financially secure before adding more.


The Trust works with a range of partners to secure the best value school improvement and business services to meet the needs of its academies.

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