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Our Children’s Pledge

Children’s pledge (primary)

By the time I am 11, I will have…

  • had the chance to express my views on school issues and be listened to
  • had my academic, sporting or creative talents celebrated – at school or outside
  • taken part in a public event (with parents or others – for example talent show, assembly, either sports, dance or concert or visual arts)
  • taken part in a play or reading that involves either acting, speaking or helping with the production
  • been on an educational visit and had an opportunity for an overnight stay
  • helped others through voluntary activities
  • been to an artistic or sporting event … at a theatre, stadium or arena
  • learned about other cultures and faiths
  • worked with children from other schools in our Trust on a project, event or experience
  • experienced the wider curriculum, practical science and technology
  • learned to play a musical instrument

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