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Teaching and Learning

Our approach

We believe that the Trust’s role is to create the climate for possibility, investing in a broad and balanced curriculum and assessment framework with associated professional development that will bring about the best teaching and facilitate the greatest learning.

The key to learning is an exciting, broad and relevant curriculum that acknowledges all children are different and need access to a range of experiences; where skilled teaching is about provoking curiosity, engaging interest, encouraging creativity and stimulating learning not just delivery of content. The responsibility for getting this important job done will be devolved to individual academies.

Our curriculum framework

Across the Agora Learning Partnership, we will ensure that the curriculum in each school:

  • Is tailor made for the school community
  • Is fully inclusive and ambitious for all children
  • Promotes diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Is cohesive, well-sequenced and progressive
  • Is underpinned by the National Curriculum, which is delivered as a minimum – enhanced to ensure it is tailored to the needs of the children
  • Is directly linked to an extensive range of vocabulary, taught discreetly to children
  • Is enriched with exciting learning opportunities, including those detailed within the Children’s Pledge
  • Supports the personal development and wellbeing of all children
  • Supports children to understand a range of careers and career pathways
  • Is consistently delivered to a high standard
  • Is underpinned by recognised research

As a result, the curriculum in each school:

  • Engages and includes all children
  • Meets the needs of all children, ensuring they feel safe, happy and able to learn
  • Enables children to know more, remember more and do more
  • Ensures children can continually develop and extend their vocabulary
  • Supports the development of children’s cultural capital
  • Prepares children for the next stage in the educational journey and for their future life
  • Supports children to be aspirational

Standards of teaching and learning

Standards of teaching and learning of the highest quality are secured through:

  • Ensuring all staff have access to a wide range of high quality, focused CPD to help them to continuously improve their practice and be innovative in their teaching
  • Strategic deployment of staff within and across our academies
  • Sharing expertise across academies
  • Offering attractive employment conditions so that high quality staff want to work in our academies
  • Ensuring staff have access to the resources they need to help them teach well
  • Ensuring our academy leaders support and develop their staff and take action to address any underperformance
  • Robust Trust wide monitoring of the impact of teaching, learning and the curriculum on pupils’ achievement with swift support to secure any areas for improvement

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