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Our Communities and Local Partnerships

The Agora Learning Partnership works within all the communities which our academies serve. Our communities vary in terms of rural and urban settings and affluent and deprived contexts. As an employer we welcome staff who have deep knowledge and understanding of schools and academies and their communities and how best to bring about improvement through proven collaborative methods.

We know it is important to use our contacts and local knowledge to succession-plan and recruit strong, effective and skilled academy governors where they are needed, deploying effective governors including NLGs to support Academy Governing Boards and to induct new governors.

We plan to encourage and build on existing community partnerships and broker and strengthen others.  The Trust is outward facing, ensuring that partnerships with health, the police, social care, the business community and creative organisations are contributing to the wellbeing, personal development and career opportunities for all children educated in the Trust’s schools as well as helping our pupils to develop a strong sense of the importance of community, volunteering and serving others alongside other important core British values.

We see the wider community as part of the rich resource upon which our academies will be encouraged to draw upon to stimulate curiosity, widen opportunities and deepen learning.

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