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Members See details on Our Members and Trustees page for our current Members. Trustees Our Articles make provision for nine Trustees to be appointed by the Members. Further Trustees may be co-opted to ensure that the Board continues to …

Articles and Structure

Articles of Association The Agora Learning Partnership’s Articles of Association can be found below; these are registered at Companies House. A copy of the Memorandum of Association lodged at Companies House can be found below (this Memorandum is in the …

Scheme of Delegation

The 2019/20 Scheme of Delegation was approved by the Board of Trustees in July 2019. The Scheme includes: Introduction Structures Members Board of Trustees Academy Governing Boards The Executive The Academy Headteacher Procurement Financial delegated authority

Academy Governance

Academy Governing Boards (AGBs) are the Trust’s local governing bodies. Their role is to steer, challenge and support the leadership, contribute to the success of their academy and to recommend and contribute to the work of the Trust thereby benefiting …